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About the website

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Website designed, programmed and translated by René-Gilles Deberdt (Nao)
French translation for the main pages: Valentine Ferréro
German translation by jensrose.

Templeet library created by Fabien Penso and Pascal Courtois. Thanks to Pascal for his availability.
A few bits of the Templeet code were borrowed from
Forum v1.0 written by me. Hello, me!
Forum v2.0 based on SMF.

This website is compatible with all modern browsers (Internet Explorer 6.0 and later, Firefox, etc.), and optimized for Opera. Since it's not exactly the most popular browser out there, it doesn't hurt to promote it a little since, well, it's the best one :)

KMJ is developped by that guy at the top of the list. For more ingame credits, check out the game's help files!

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