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Monday, July 22nd 2024  

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Since its birth in 2000, Solitaires has received countless awards. And countless customers have expressed their appreciation to Tepui Products with hundreds of letters and e-mails. Here are some excerpts:

H. Bodily, USA - I must say I am as impressed with your exceptional responsiveness as I am with your beautiful Solitaires game.

S. L. Carlson, USA - Wow! Again, thank you so much. Last night I tried to play Napoleon to learn its rules. I believe you have given me a real challenge. I did not know there were so many solitaire games. You are a wonderful company, and I will keep you in my prayers.

Albert Coleman, Canada - I was truly impressed by you game and even more by its online help. It must have taken a huge amount of work. You should publish it as a solitaire encyclopedia.

Genevieve Delacroix, France - We are fanatics of solitaire games and we found this one to be one of the very best on the market. Good job!

R. Duff, USA - I was never a card game person or better still I never liked these games. Until now. I was attracted by Solitaires because of its incredible music and scenery. I bought the registered product just because my wife wanted to play more than just one game. Now we are both hooked. I really don't know if this was your intention but, if it was, congratulations, it worked!

Norman Edwards, UK - In a world where violence and vulgarity seem to be the only points of computer games, your product is a real tribute to intelligence...

M. Fleming, USA - Thank you for making this great program. It plays wonderfully. Granted I just downloaded and played only two games, but I will tell you: I've tried many games since I started with computers in 1980. You have done a lot of work to get your game to play as well as those sold in the stores... You have made me a very happy player.


Vibecke Johanssen, Denmark - Your support service was so fast, patient, efficient and kind that I do not hesitate to call it the best I have ever experienced. Millions of thanks.

Rita Knussen, Switzerland - Solitaires is such a lovely game... Everybody in our home plays it all the time (we have two computers). I suspect my husband installed it in his office too! Admirable graphics.

Fabio Lenzi, USA - The best product on the market. Absolutely unbeatable.

V. Lepper, Australia - I am having a wonderful time with the solitaire games you let me have. Thank you, thank you!

Jaakko Moilanen, Sweden - I´m very pleased with your patiences...

Denise Rodriguez, USA - I just purchased your new game Solitaires and want to tell you how wonderful it is. The graphics and the playability are terrific. This game was very well done. I've had others, however I seem to enjoy yours the best... Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work.

Heitor Silva de Oliveira, Brazil - Let me express my congratulations for the most complete and best thought of game I ever tried. Muito obrigado!

A. Smith, USA - You guys are good!

Dianne Thomas, USA - The most amazing compilation of solitaire games I've ever seen: who would have known that so many existed? An absolute must have.

K. Watson, USA - Thanks for the quick response. Simple fix, simple instructions, worked perfectly. What more could I want? However, I am blaming you for my Solitaires addiction. Positively a great program!

Jo X., USA - I just wanted to say thanks for the very quick response and the great personal help! It is so nice to finally find someone who stands behind their product enough to respond to even the silliest questions. Keep up the good work. I love your games. Thanks again!