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Author Topic: April 2, 2001  (Read 21471 times)
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« on: April 02, 2001, 00:00:00 »

Hi ! I'm sorry for the delay, but there's been a lot of things happening in my life so I just couldn't keep up. Actually I haven't worked much on Kyodai either, but I'm planning to go back to work this month. This week I received a brand new machine to replace my aging Pentium III 450 / 128mb Ram / GeForce2 MX. I had initially ordered a GeForce2 GTS for the new machine, but the vendor didn't have any of them left, so he gave me a Radeon 64mb DDR instead. I'm quite satisfied with it for now, and this is in fact my very first ATI card, and I still haven't had any problem with it and Kyodai. Eheh, I was sure it was a driver issue. Just get the latest ones. Oh, and I appreciate the fact that the Radeon has EMBM support. It's nice to see this good old effect back, although I have the feeling that ATI's implementation of it is a bit too contrasted for my tastes.  Oh, and the machine's an Athlon 1.2ghz with 512mb of Ram and a 40gb IBM hard drive (the latest series), as opposed to an 8gb Maxtor HD. Needless to say, the hard drive is about 4 to 6 times faster than my old drive (and still, I suspect I haven't been able to enable the ATA100 mode yet). Very impressive. I actually launch Kyodai in less than 2 seconds. My programming environment loads itself in a couple of seconds as well. This is something that is very likely to make my life easier when working on my stuff. I mean, I've launched Kyodai (let me check) 23836 times since I've added that launch counter (that was in Kyodai 8.0, exactly two years ago). Hmm, that's about 32 times a day. So it saves me about 2 minutes of loading every day. I could have spared a total of 26 hours of loading if I had had this machine two years ago. One day of my life that I'll never have back. Sob.  Hey, what's that stupid entry ? Sorry, the 3 days it took to reinstall everything on the new machine probably broke something in my head... I'll try to investigate Wink

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