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Author Topic: December 16, 1999  (Read 6953 times)
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« on: December 16, 1999, 00:00:00 »

Hi ! First of all, I just discovered that ZDNet is making a contest about the most influential download of your gaming/computing life. I'm not expecting to win, but I'm really happy to be among the 50 choices they offer. So, if Kyodai is your favorite game, maybe you'll be kind enough to give a vote for Kyodai ? Then please follow this link. If you aren't a registered user of ZDNet, you'll have to register first. It only takes a couple of minutes to register, and you won't have to receive any spam etc., it's just for avoiding cheaters. Plus, you're entering a contest to win a 600mhz PC ! Smile Currently, Kyodai is already in the first 25 entries, and waiting for more !  Apart from that, I'm working hard on 2D. Clicks and Hashira now work correctly. I'm expecting to have Slider up and running later today. I've slightly modified the tile-removal animation for the Classic game. Surprise surprise... Wink Also, I made some benchmarking and I can confirm that the DirectDraw version is indeed faster than its GDI counterpart ! I'm so relieved that my 2D and 3D have nearly all been fixed. After all this work is finished, I can focus the rest of my work on converting Clicks, Slider and Hashira to Direct3D. After that, I'll post a new Alpha version (#8) to see is everything's running fine. Then I'll work on a preliminary DirectPlay engine. Wow, still a lot of work to do ! Gotta go ! Please vote for me ! Wink

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