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Thursday, June 13th 2024  

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 Cyna Games > Contacting us
BEFORE YOU SEND US ANY MAIL, please make sure your question is not already answered on this site! You should check out our Troubleshooting page first, as well as the Latest News page for the latest bug fixes and additions to Kyodai Mahjongg. Also, searching through the help files in KMJ itself (click on the Help button!) might be a good idea, especially if you've never read them. Please note that we will NOT reply to e-mails that do not apply these rules.

If you are a registered user, please post on the Kyodai Mahjongg forum instead. You will receive a much faster answer.

If you want to retrieve your registration information, the fastest way to get it would be to click on My account in the menu if you have an account on, or go to the eSellerate website, and follow the instructions on past transactions.

Finally, if you don't get an answer to your e-mail within one week, first make sure the answer isn't in the Help files, Troubleshooting page or on the forum. If it isn't, then submit your e-mail again if it's important to you.

Customer support liaisons: Nao/Gilles, and regular users like you: Webangel and Intrepid. The author would like to thank them for their help!

Sorry, tech support is down until further notice. The developer is currently very busy with all kinds of things and won't be able to deal with all requests in a timely manner. If you are a registered user, please ask your questions on the customer support forum.

Désolé, le support technique est désactivé pour le moment. Si vous êtes un utilisateur enregistré, vous pouvez poser vos questions sur le forum dédié en français.