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Tuesday, April 24th 2018  

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 Cyna Games > KMJ Original Soundtrack
Most of the popular songs from Kyodai Mahjongg are original compositions from my friend Miguel Samiez. Originally a fan of Mike Oldfield, he became quickly interested in creating his own music, especially when I asked him if he could work for me. The results were far beyond my expectations, and most of you couldn't agree more. Miguel is definitely a musician to follow.
During the second semester of 1999, he worked very hard on his first album, called Light & Shadow. This CD contains 48 minutes of music from Kyodai Mahjongg, as well as a few personal works and a beautiful extended medley called Fusion, which is the climax of the album.
The CD, released on April 20, 2000, has been available since May 27 through, at the price of 16.95 €, shipping included, or 8.95 € for digital download.

Buy it now!
Music Samples
Here's the final tracklisting. Seven minutes of samples for you to judge! All MP3 files are about 500 KB / 30 seconds.

Miguel is also a graphic designer.
Here's the quasi-final version
of his CD's cover art.
1. Opening - NEW! Personal work
2. Astral Dream
3. Kawaii
4. Electric Soul
5. God's Reminding - NEW version!
6. Legend : God's Reminding II
7. Endless
8. Fairy Tale
9. Night
10. Timeless
11a. Fusion 1 : Endless - NEW mix!
11b. Fusion 2 : Fairy Tale - NEW mix!
11c. Fusion 3 : Fairy Tale - NEW mix!
11d. Fusion 4 : The Sad Song - NEW mix!